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Nearing 3 Months on HRT

Megan O'Howe

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Nearing 3 Months on HRT

Posted on August 31, 2021, 9:35 pm by Megan
It's the end of August, next month in a few weeks I will reach 3 months on HRT! I'm so excited for more changes to happen eventually so I can pass more without makeup, that's a long ways away so I'll enjoy the changes I get as I get them. The makeup I use is expensive for me so it's not realistic to put on every day, I can't find anything cheaper that works, I don't look as good with the cheaper stuff. I am living full time now but I just don't go out for a few days of the week for now until I get used to this. As I get more laser hair removal sessions done, and go more months on HRT I won't need to cover so much beard shadow so it will help me save money.