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Megan O'Howe

Megan O'Howe

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Life Update: I've always wished I was born a girl. It took me a long time to be honest with myself and stop suppressing the things that made me happy. From a really young age I have always dreamed hoping I could just wake up a girl. I used to care more about making others happy instead of myself. I found happiness by being myself, I finally decided in late 2020 no more holding back, I want to transition! June 2021 I got my prescription and started my journey.

5 Months HRT

4 Months HRT

3 Months HRT

2 Months HRT

1 Month HRT

Getting Prescription for HRT June 22, 2021

Some changes I noticed from HRT so far: Hair stopped thinning and I am starting to grow new hairs, skin is softer, emotional changes, loss of muscle strength, breast development and there are more but those are some of the changes I noticed so far!

I was born Myles Alexander O'Howe and transitioned to Megan O'Howe. I just want to be happy with my life and not depressed having to deal with gender dysphoria. I have the rest of my life ahead of me, this is literally everything, my life is more important than trying to fit into what others in society want, I'm doing this for me! Transitioning is making me very happy, I'm more confident to be myself.

These are some photos from Snapchat

Visit again soon for more updates and watch my transition. Please support my search engine in development called Ceawe, trans owned businesses need support if enough people visit the website I can make more than 50 cents a year.

Read News Articles I write at Ceawe

I am making the upcoming documentary Antimatter Future and another documentary is in the works to document my transition.