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HRT Dose Increased!

Megan O'Howe

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HRT Dose Increased!

Posted on October 12, 2021, 9:03 pm by Megan
I had an appointment today with my doctor at Quest they deal with trans health care and helped me get on hormones. I recently passed 3 months on HRT the other week and had blood work after, after today's appointment I am taking an increased dose of estradiol, I'm still on a low dose of the testosterone blocker but I'm feeling great! Apparently my hormone levels are looking good. My next appointment will be after I get more blood work at 6 months on hormones which is just over 2 months from now so I'll find out what happens after.

I'm so excited for more changes from HRT! My breasts are getting sore more often which is a good sign because I see them slowly growing! I know a lot of changes won't be noticed right away but slowly happen over time. I have to wait until a year on hormones before I get to discuss the surgery, I can't wait!