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I am Transgender

Megan O'Howe

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I am Transgender

Posted on August 15, 2021, 8:59 pm by Megan
My name is Megan and I am transgender. From a young age I always wished I could have been born a girl, into puberty I got depressed I would wake up in a male body no matter how much I wanted to be a girl, it would still make me depressed and not feel right. In the past years I started to learn more about gender dysphoria and realized that is what I was experiencing, I didn't know there was a word before, I was too busy trying to suppress that part of me for so long. I was always afraid of what other people would think so I never told anyone, not even my best friends or family.

In the past few years I started feeling more comfortable dressing in female clothes to be myself more often, I did growing up but it was a couple times a month at most until I was able to live on my own. I started dressing more and more often when I was on my own, it made me happy and there is no shame in that. I don't like having to pretend to fit in as a guy and suppress my own feelings. Being honest with myself was difficult, and I am so glad I did everything.

I decided to seek hormone replacement therapy in 2020 and got my prescription on June 22, 2021! I am planning to live full time female soon. I will announce more details as the time passes.